The Global Health Service Partnership; Building Global Health Security One Student and One Patient at a Time

In 2006 the World Health Assembly issued its landmark report that focused world attention on the critical shortage of skilled health workers (midwifes, nurses, physicians) in 57 countries and linked the shortage to attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). They reported that where the density of skilled health workers is higher, the probability of […]

Hoping to Help: Improving Short-Term Medical Missions

Nurse midwives and their students are among the hundreds of thousands of people from wealthy parts of the world who travel abroad every year to participate in short-term programs intended to improve the health and well-being of people in poor countries. Considering the horrific toll of maternal and infant mortality in so many countries, the potential […]

It’s Human Civilization that is at stake

This year’s Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) conference in San Francisco opened with a powerful keynote delivered on planetary health by Richard Horton, The Lancet’s editor-in-chief, declaring we have been mortgaging the health of future generations to pay for today’s wants.  This came as a wake up call for many of the audience members, many […]

Global Health Day & The Future of Nursing

And interview with Phyllis Sharps, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor, Associate Dean for Community Programs and Initiatives, Elsie M. Lawler Chair, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. From the streets of Baltimore to the rural farm communities of Maryland, across the globe, in large hospitals, community clinics, and international health organizations, nurses are on the ground in interprofessional teams, improving the […]

The Power of Nursing – Afaf Meleis

There are 20 million nurses in the world. Most of the care that’s given anywhere in the world is given by nurses. Nursing is about taking care of a whole person and a whole family. They think about the individual within the context of their life, within the context of their village, within the context […]

Este período me dejó una gran enseñanza, porque para una persona que cuidó a otros toda la vida, no es fácil dejarse cuidar. Eso también hay que aprenderlo. Yo ya sabía dar y tuve que aprender a recibir, tuve que aprender a dejarme mimar. Y eso fue un mimo al alma.

Gloria Montenegro

Gloria Montenegro: Ciudadana del Mundo, Enfermera, Educadora, Activista, y Luchadora

Nacida y criada en el barrio 25 de Mayo de Posadas en una familia de trabajadores, mamó la militancia política de su padre en la Unión Cívica Radical Independiente y hasta conoció a Frondizi cuando anduvo de campaña por Misiones. Ya en Corrientes, a donde fue a estudiar Enfermería Universitaria, Gloria Montenegro vivió momentos efervescentes […]

Can Film Save Lives? How one organisation is using film to train nurses and midwives in Somaliland

By Francis Webster, Head of Development at Medical Aid Films If you are an expectant mother or a child under 5 years old, then one of the most dangerous places in the world to live is Somaliland.  This autonomous region in Somalia has among the highest rates of maternal and child mortality in the world, with […]

Chile’s biggest environmental threat needs to be addressed with our best effort.

Marcelo Mena-Carrasco, PhD

Clean air and health: The Chilean Way

Air quality is the world’s biggest environmental threat. There is substantial research that shows that when there is more particulate matter in the air, more people get sick. And when there is long-term exposure, people die. We also know that sometimes air quality monitoring stations do not tell the whole story. And that when people live […]