Mahila Musing: Nepal, Part 3

Through partnerships with on-the-ground organizations and a heap of passion for helping women around the world, Mahila Partnership takes a unique approach to sustainable development and disaster recovery in the communities where we work. Mahila’s President, Angela Devlen offers a deeper look at Mahila’s past projects in Nepal, how the team responded in the wake of […]

Mahila Musings: Nepal, Part 2

In Part 1 of our video series, Mahila Partnership President, Angela Devlen introduced Sabita, our now long-time partner and team leader in Nepal. Due the status of women and children in Nepal, Sabita is a strong health, nutrition and disaster risk reduction advocate. She has experienced first-hand the impacts of reoccurring landslides in the areas where she […]

Global Perspectives on Disaster Management & Preparedness: The Great East Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

On March 11th, 2011 the Great East Japan Earthquake/Tsunami changed many people’s lives in Japan. It was a normal day for Ayano Oba, a13 year-old junior high school student at the time. She participated in her school graduation and was planning to spend time with her friends in the afternoon when the tsunami hit. March […]

An Introduction to Grassroots Rebuilding Following the Earthquake in Rural Nepal

Mahila Musings: Nepal, Part 1 Continuing our disaster preparedness and response GANM Blogs series, as well as our collaborative relationship with Mahila Partnership, we cordially invite our colleagues and friends to watch this new video blog series on the intersection of disaster response, grassroots organizations, and the power of women in overcoming structural challenges in […]

Partnership, Not Aid – How the Women of Haiti are Claiming a New Future

Part III [of a 5 part series]  In this 5-part series we have been sharing critical issues faced by the women and girls we work with following disasters. Our flagship program in Haiti addresses an essential human right – access to basic menstrual health and hygiene services.  Need for Data  While there has been a […]

Strengthening a Global Nursing Workforce: Disaster Preparedness & Response

In a world where catastrophic disaster events are occurring with greater frequency and intensity, the need for a global nursing workforce prepared to respond is of critical importance. Nurses and nurse midwives are widely recognized as essential members of the global disaster response team. Devastating hurricanes and tornadoes in the US, earthquakes that rocked Haiti, […]

Partnership, Not Aid – How the Women of Haiti are Claiming a New Future

Part II Improving access to health and hygiene services through local capacity building During our trip to Haiti in 2014, Clinic Manager Miss Berrette explained how the women use “twal” – pieces of cloth that are used during menstruation by rural women. [watch video here] The type of cloth varies but often comes from the […]

Partnership, Not Aid – How the Women of Haiti are Claiming a New Future

Part I [of a 5 part series] How following disasters, the lack of access to healthcare, education, and resources to support personal hygiene, creates serious health and socioeconomic implications for women and girls. Introduction Mahila Partnership has been addressing the most pressing unmet needs of women and girls following disasters since 2007. In this 5-part […]