Addressing Tuberculosis, Diabetes, and Drug Overdoses Globally: Community-Informed Solutions

Although tuberculosis (TB) has had a cure since 1948, there were an estimated 10.4 million new cases of TB in 2015 [1]. TB, the leading infectious killer of adults in the world, claimed the lives of over 1.8 million people in 2015- that’s roughly 4,000 people every day dying from a preventable, curable disease. It […]

The Power of Nursing – Afaf Meleis

There are 20 million nurses in the world. Most of the care that’s given anywhere in the world is given by nurses. Nursing is about taking care of a whole person and a whole family. They think about the individual within the context of their life, within the context of their village, within the context […]

Call for registrations to Self-Learning Virtual Course Nursing Leadership: Empowering Nurses in Latin America and the Caribbean

This course is intended for nursing professionals with a minimum of an undergraduate-level nursing education who are seeking to enhance their leadership capacities and who meet the following professional and technical qualifications: Currently practicing in the nursing field (nurse clinician/ manager, educator, researcher or administrator) Access to a computer with Internet Application Deadline:  February 2, […]