Rather than compete with the private companies...we decided to collaborate...to help improve their practices so that the water they provide is of the highest possible quality.

Alex Harding, Executive Director at Water Ecuador

Unleash the Private Sector to Scale Up Improvements in Maternal and Child Health

By Alex Harding, Executive Director at Water Ecuador When I was working in Ecuador to build water treatment systems in small rural communities there, I thought of my job as extremely complex. There was, of course, the actual construction of the water plant and the installation of treatment equipment. But the work of the organization I founded […]

Panel Discussion and Free Webinar on Prenatal Care and Pregnancy

Objectives: By the end of this virtual discussion participants will: Have a beginning understanding of the Centering methodology for antenatal care. Discuss the enabling factors for group care. Discuss the challenges and benefits of providing antenatal care in a group format.