The New Script of Nursing


Dear Colleagues and Members of the Global Alliance for Nursing & Midwifery (GANM),

All of us know that our profession is undergoing an extraordinary transformation and that nursing will never look the same. While we know this, there is a profound need to educate the general public about the broader scope of our work and expanding opportunities.

As the breadth and impact of our work increases, so does the need to recruit and retain nurses—crucial elements during a nursing shortage throughout the world. Together, we are writing the new script of nursing,” and we have created a video that reveals the intensity and magnitude of our profession that is much more than what meets the eye – researcher, clinician, change agent, inventor.

We purposely did not brand this video as our own because the advancement of the profession and the healthcare needs of the patients we serve are more important than any of our individual or organizational needs. By not branding, the message will go farther and have greater impact.

I encourage you to use it as your own and help spread the word of the new script of nursing. Like many of you, we can’t support a national campaign, but together we can perhaps start the process of educating the public and moving nursing toward a realistic, contemporary image.

Share it on social media, send it to your colleagues to push out, and join us in saying “#WeGotThis.”

Patricia Davidson
Dean, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

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